Should I use timber or composite decking for my outdoor living space?

Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to decking material. You can select from a wide range of timber species or you can choose from a variety of latest composite products.

There is no definitive answer as to which one is best, but the application will determine the most suitable material for your needs. We will guide you through this process once the design is underway.

Timber decking
Until 20 years ago, timber was the only material used for decking. Timber has great aesthetic appeal – there is no denying that a well-maintained timber deck, with its natural grains and colours is a thing of beauty.
Composite decking
Even though it is a manufactured product, composite decking is designed to mimic the grains and colours of natural timber. Easy to maintain and resistant to rot and insect infestation, there are a wide range of composite products on the market including EcoDeck, Modwood and Futurewood.

How long will it take to build my outdoor living zone?

The length of the building process is determined by the size, cost, design and customer’s needs. There are certain variables that need to be considered when scheduling the build timeline for a project such as:

• Does the project require council approval?
If yes, the development approval process will be governed by your local council. However, while this process is taking place we will simultaneously be able to finalise the finer details, order materials, and in some circumstances, begin works that do not require council approval.

• Lead/wait periods for special order materials or components to the project.
Sometimes special materials/items will be necessary to complete a project. These orders are usually beyond our control and therefore, we are at the mercy of suppliers.

• Inclement weather.
Known to cause major disruptions to any construction, we make provisions for bad weather when establishing timelines and include contingencies in our contracts. However, mother nature still wins from time to time.

During our first consultation we will provide you with an approximate timeline, but once the project has begun, we are committed to delivering on-time so you can start enjoying your new space.

Where do Jacwood Building operate?

Ideally located to service clients through Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, we have also completed projects throughout Sydney and Northern NSW


If you are ready to kick-start the design and construction of your outdoor living space, we can begin today by organising an informal meeting. Allow us to guide you through our processes, assure you of our excellent service delivery and demonstrate our quality outcomes. Our candid discussion will include the following:

The size and location of your property.

Your dream design and its key features.

Your anticipated timeline.

What can be achieved with your available budget.

What occurs at each stage of the building process.

The next steps you will need to take to commence the project.